About us

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to individuals and businesses in all areas of law ranging from civil, criminal, divorce, inheritance, labor, administrative, including the representation of our clients in courts and offices, after a comprehensive legal entrepreneurs and business ventures . The highest quality of our services is guaranteed participation in the Office of experienced lawyers with rights lawyer. We are convinced that thanks to our more than 15 years of experience mainly in servicing large business entities (mainly listed companies) and the conduct of the affairs of restitution, potential Personality liczącemu over 40 lawyers across the country are able to provide our customers with fast and efficient service in the full range , including with regard to tax issues. Range of activities embrace the entire country. We cooperate with foreign law firms, among others: the United States, Germany, Australia, Britain, Canada, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia and Hungary. Firm is prepared to conduct legal services in English and German. Implementing projects on the capital market continuously cooperate with a group of highly qualified specialists in the field of finance, banking, taxation and public relations / investor relations, which reduces project risks and the maximum intensification of work and ensures that customers comprehensive service from concept to completion. The firm provides comprehensive, professional legal assistance to commercial companies, individuals engaged in economic activities and other entities, among others housing communities. In addition to supporting companies we are also providing legal assistance to individual clients, in particular in the field of inheritance law, labor law, social insurance law, property law with a particular focus on the transmission easement and issues relating to tenancy and property units.

Our mission

Deciding on the combined legal practice we had to create a professional team, which consists of lawyers specialized in narrow areas of law that, in order to provide our customers with professional services firm at the highest level. Our goal is to create an office that will be proposed to its customers optimal solutions to bring tangible financial benefits while minimizing the costs of servicing firm. We become better professionals by shaping the culture of self improvement, improvement of our co-workers, sharing knowledge and experiences. Obstacles are treated as development challenges. Success is achieved by building lasting relationships based on mutual respect and trust. That is why we all try to earn the respect and trust of their subordinates, superiors, co-workers by treating them in a way in which we would like to be treated. This daily attitude, manifested, among other things, in the way of communication, respecting the rules of ethics, willingness to help and honor the mutual commitments - building a positive climate within the organization, increases our efficiency and allows you to gain respect and trust of our customers. Firm performs professional activities according to the highest professional standards of integrity and adding the greatest of care. We always act in accordance with the Principles of Ethics.

Our Team

Our thorough and comprehensive legal education is a guarantee of the highest quality. The services are performed at the highest level, which ensures high efficiency taken legal action. Each case is subjected to a thorough and accurate analysis, which allows for honest and reliable for information of its position and opportunities to achieve the objective. Firm aims to be for you valued and important advisor. With experience we can adapt to changing market conditions, which is our main asset. Our team has many years of experience in the domestic and foreign, which allows for comprehensive service to every customer. The aim is to help in achieving the best results at the professional and personal. We have experience in introducing modern methods of management, efficiency and cost optimization. For each approach individually combining traditional and modern methods and techniques of cooperation. Our emphasis in our business manners and mutual respect. We promote the open exchange of views and continuous professional training.