The law Firm AGMA & Jacek Lachner cooperates with J&A Consulting Group 2 in the field of accounting and human resources.

J&A Consulting Group 2 – accounting and human resources

J&A Consulting Group 2 exists since January 2005. We provide comprehensive accounting, HR and payroll services, as well as support for businesses in the field of safety and health at work.

Establishing cooperation with our Law Firm will allow you to minimize contacts with the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution. Our employees are highly qualified staff that will provide you with the highest quality of service.

Our qualifications and certificates, obtained in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance to conduct this type of activity are a guarantee of credibility and security.

The J&A Consulting Group 2 Business Group provides expert advice necessary for the establishment, operation and development of each company. We offer our clients the most effective tax structure for the company and we simulate the consequences of the adopted solutions. The service we offer will enable you to correctly interpret all tax regulations.

Our services are carried out using computer techniques based on programs in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance. We provide our clients with specific solutions and independent and objective information.

We provide our services with respect for the principles of professional ethics, especially in terms of independence, integrity and objectivity. The priority is for us a high level of professional competence and due diligence. We respect and respect business secrets.


  • Accounting certificate number: 6889/2004
  • Internal auditor certificate (in the area of public finances) number: 15960/05
  • Internal auditor certificate (occupational safety and health management system) number: AW-BHP / 2016 / CJ / 2555
  • H & S inspector’s qualifications

What we do:

  • Financial and accounting services for companies
  • HR and payroll services for companies
  • Service in the field of health and safety
  • Performing financial and economic analyzes
  • Preparing business plans
  • Evaluation of investment projects
  • Advice on financial and receivables management
  • Consulting in the field of starting and running a business

As part of accounting services, we offer:

  • Keeping the KPiR, VAT registers, commercial books
  • Keeping and accounting for vehicle mileage records
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and equipment
  • Keeping a flat-rate register
  • Keeping personnel and payroll documentation
  • Preparing the PIT, VAT and CIT declarations
  • Preparing social insurance declarations
  • Preparing reports for the Central Statistical Office
  • Preparing annual tax settlements
  • Deriving accounting and personnel arrears

We have appropriate qualifications in all areas of the Polish tax system, including:

  • Income tax on individuals
  • Corporate income tax
  • VAT
  • Social insurance system
  • Intra-Community transactions
  • Customs and excise duty

Price list

  • Comprehensive keeping of the book of revenues and expenditures, including sales and VAT registers and additional records – from 200 PLN gross
  • Keeping commercial books – from PLN 1200 gross
  • Keeping the flat tax and tax card records – PLN 150 gross
  • Keeping documentation of personnel and payroll / ZUS (over 5 employees) – 35 PLN gross / person
  • Keeping records of fixed assets and equipment – free of charge*
  • Keeping the vehicle’s mileage records – free of charge*
  • Preparing business plans and economic analyzes – 1000 PLN gross
  • Tax returns PIT-5, PIT-4, CIT-2, VAT-7, etc. – free of charge*
  • CSO reports – free of charge*
  • OHS documentation (risk analysis, instructions, training) – PLN 500 gross
  • Audit of the occupational health and safety management system – PLN 1000 gross


Address: ul.Grunwaldzka 15/4, 31-524 Kraków

Telephone: 0 500 232 237, 0 500 044 875

e-mail :,

NIP: 675-154-48-21

REGON: 364465493

KRS: 0000618602