About us

Law Firm AGMA specializes in providing comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs, operating both in the form of commercial law companies and sole proprietorships. Our clients receive from us the full legal service in all areas of law and all aspects necessary in business.


As part of our operations, we provide services in the form of, among others:


  • conducting ongoing corporate services,
  • monitoring legal threats,
  • answering legal questions,
  • preparation of legal opinions,
  • preparation of draft contracts,
  • assistance in trade negotiations,
  • legal representation in courts and state bodies,
  • conducting mediation and arbitration proceedings.

We are convinced that thanks to our over 15 years of experience, mainly in providing legal services to large business entities (usually listed companies), and thanks to the potential of several dozen lawyers throughout the country and abroad, we are able to provide our clients with fast and professional service to the full extent, including in the area of ​​tax issues and tax optimization.


We cover the whole of Poland. We also cooperate with foreign law offices, including: the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Norway and all countries belonging to the European Union. Our law firm is prepared to provide legal services in English, German, Italian and Russian.


When implementing capital market projects, we constantly cooperate with a group of high-class specialists in finance, banking, taxation and public relations / investor relation. We are prepared to carry out comprehensive investment processes. This allows for reducing the risks of the project and maximizing work intensification, and for the client it guarantees comprehensive support for a given project from the initial idea stage to full implementation.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the field of non-judicial corporate restructuring. In addition, as one of the few law firms in Poland, we specialize in representing our clients in the course of restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. We have many years of experience in preparing companies to submit an application for the initiation of restructuring proceedings or the opening of bankruptcy. The Law Firm AGMA is co-operated by persons who have a restructuring adviser / trustee license, hence our clients are able to provide appropriate assistance to the restructuring advisor / liquidator for conducting bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings. In addition to providing services to companies, we also provide legal assistance to individual clients, in particular in the field of broadly understood civil law, labor law and social insurance, as well as reprivatisation processes and the pursuit of various types of compensation.

Our mission

Making the decision to combine the legal practice of our individual lawyers we aimed to create a professional team consisting of lawyers specialized in narrow areas of law, so as to provide our clients with professional legal services at the highest level. Our goal was to create a law firm that offers its clients optimal solutions to bring tangible financial benefits while minimizing the costs of legal services. In our Law Firm, the Customer is not an anonymous person, served by an all-around lawyer, but by a person who is a specialist in a given area of ​​law. Our team of lawyers, attorneys and legal advisors does not work by entrusting the conduct of cases to our clients to apprentices or novice legal art practitioners, but each client’s case is personally conducted by one of the lawyers experienced in a given matter.


We become better professionals by shaping a culture of self-improvement, improvement of our employees, sharing knowledge and experiences. We treat obstacles as development challenges. Success is achieved by building lasting relationships based on mutual respect and trust. Therefore, we all try to earn the respect and trust of our subordinates, superiors, colleagues – treating them in the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Such a daily attitude, manifesting itself, among others: in the way of communication, respect for ethics, willingness to help and keeping mutual obligations – builds a positive atmosphere inside the organization, increases our efficiency and allows us to gain the respect and trust of our clients. The Law Office performs professional activities according to the highest standards, with integrity and the utmost diligence. We always act in accordance with the principles of ethics.

Our Team

Our thorough and comprehensive legal education is a guarantee of the highest quality. The services provided are performed at the highest level, which ensures high effectiveness of legal actions undertaken by the Firm. Each case is subjected to thorough and precise analysis, which allows for honest and reliable information about the position and chances to achieve the assumed goal. The office has the ambition to be a valued and important adviser to you. Thanks to our experience, we are able to adapt to changing market conditions, which is our main asset. Our team has many years of experience on the domestic and foreign market, which allows comprehensive service for each client. The goal is to help you achieve the best possible results at your professional and personal level. We have experience in introducing modern management methods, efficiency and cost optimization. We approach each one individually, combining traditional and modern methods and techniques of cooperation. We put emphasis in our activity on personal culture and mutual respect. We promote open exchange of views and constant improvement of professional qualifications.