Operating consulting

Operational consulting is the optimization of the company’s current operations so as to maximize its operational efficiency. Advice is useful both in a crisis and in better times.

The areas that most often our work covers are:

  • organizational structure of the company
  • business processes and procedures,
  • internal and external communication,
  • human resources and recruitment,
  • incentive systems,
  • cost and revenue structure
  • contracts and settlements with contractors.


Negotiations are a two-way communication process, the purpose of which is to reach an agreement when at least one party does not agree with a given opinion or a given solution.

The basic elements of a Win/Win negotiation are:

  • Separating people from the real problem.
  • Focus on goals and not on positions.
  • Extending the options for mutual profits.
  • Reference to previously established standards or procedures.


Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process by the parties to resolve a dispute, carried out in the presence of a trustee who is their mediator. Mediation aims to create conditions for the parties to reach a voluntary agreement, and not to impose any authoritative solution on them, which distinguishes it from another alternative dispute resolution method – arbitration.

Mediation can be used in a wide range of conflicts:

  • family, marriages, generations,
  • social, peer,
  • in inheritance, property and civil matters of employees, in administration and official disputes,
  • in economic matters,
  • in criminal and juvenile cases.