Law Firm AGMA provides comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs, including, among others:


  • running current corporate services,
  • monitoring of legal threats,
  • providing answers to legal inquiries,
  • preparation of legal opinions,
  • preparation of draft contracts,
  • assistance in trade negotiations,
  • representation in court before state courts and authorities,
  • conducting mediation and arbitration proceedings.

For our clients, we also provide comprehensive investment process services, as well as provide legal assistance to foreign entrepreneurs conducting investment activities in Poland and for domestic entrepreneurs operating on foreign markets.


Law Firm also offers services in the area of:


  • representation before the Court (after signing the power of attorney),
  • writing pleadings,
  • making appeals and cassation,
  • making complaints to the Court of Human Rights and representing before the Tribunal.


We offer individual clients legal assistance in the area of:


  • proceedings before civil courts,
  • representation in proceedings in the field of labor law and social insurance,
  • claims and redress.


Law Firm offers comprehensive legal assistance in the following areas of law:


Inheritance law

Law Firm provides services in matters of:

  • acquisition of inheritance, including cancellation of will,
  • the inheritance department, including mutual settlements between heirs,
  • obtaining a forced portion,
  • to change the valid order regarding the acquisition of inheritance.


Family and Guardianship Law

Law Firm provides services in matters of:

  • divorce,
  • separation,
  • division of joint property between spouses,
  • child support,
  • entrusting, limiting, depriving parental authority,
  • determining, depriving, restriction of contact with a child.


Labor law

Law Firm represents clients in:

  • proceedings in employee matters, among others for establishing an employment relationship and for reinstatement to work,
  • obtaining damages for unjustified or unlawful termination of employment,
  • proceedings for the issue, correction of a work certificate,
  • matters related to discrimination of an employee due to working and pay conditions, and in the field of mobbing.


Contract Law

Law Firm analyzes, issues opinions and draws up all types of civil law contracts in the course of trade, including:

  • unnamed contracts,
  • annexes to contracts,
  • agreements,


Corporate Law

Law Firm provides help in:

  • establishing, registering and transforming commercial law companies,
  • drafting contracts and company statutes,
  • preparation of draft internal acts of business entities, including regulations, guidelines, procedures, instructions, resolutions, ordinances, etc.,
  • servicing company bodies, including meetings of the Management Board, the Supervisory Board, the General Meeting of Shareholders,
  • completing all formalities related to the National Court Register.


Real Estate Law

Law Firm deals with matters relating to:

  • ownership of premises, tenancy, real estate, real estate management,
  • from the scope of the act on ownership of premises and the act on the protection of tenants’ rights, the housing stock of a commune,
  • regulation of rights to real estate, transformations, disposal and acquisition of rights, land and mortgage registers,
  • legal audit of real estate, legal assistance in real estate management.


Social Security Law

Law Firm assists in proceedings:

  • for granting an annuity,
  • for granting a pension,
  • for the indexation of pension and retirement benefits,
  • for granting, prolonging the rehabilitation benefit,
  • for one-time compensation for bodily injury.


Bankruptcy and Rehabilitation Law

Law Firm:

  • advises in the scope of pursuing the satisfaction of claims in bankruptcy, composition and rehabilitation proceedings,
  • advises entities in bankruptcy, arrangement or recovery proceedings in the scope of these proceedings,
  • represents creditors in bankruptcy, arrangement or recovery proceedings.


All services are carried out throughout the country.