Across Bug River property

We represent pre-war owners of real estates located outside the current borders of the Republic of Poland (Kresy) or their heirs in all matters leading to their final financial compensation, in particular we handle cases before:

  • governors,
  • Minister of Treasury,
  • administrative courts (WSA and NSA).

In the course of pending cases, we conduct proceedings:

  • recognition for the deceased,
  • to determine the content of civil status files,
  • for confirmation of Polish citizenship.

Agricultural reform

We conduct proceedings:

  • administrative and court-administrative proceedings regarding the failure of the manor / palace / castle-park complexes under the decree of the Polish Committee of National Liberation of 6.09.1944 to carry out the land reform,
  • before the Minister of Agriculture for annulment of the nationalization decisions of the Earth Offices concerning agricultural land of less than 100 ha or 50 ha and forests,
  • against the State Treasury for compensation for lost land and in disputes with state museums for the return of works of art and museum objects looted after World War II.
  • cases before the Agricultural Property Agencies for the exercise of pre-emptive rights and disputes with tenants of real estate remaining in the ANR resources, and nationalized by the use of the PKWN decree on agrarian reform.

Return of expropriation

The office deals with matters concerning:

  • return of property expropriated, and in particular the exercise of the rights of former owners or their heirs, vested in the Act on real estate management from August 21, 1997,
  • return of property expropriated, seeking in the first instance for returning real property in kind that has not been used in accordance with the purpose of expropriation or acquisition,
  • upervisory matters for the annulment of decisions (expropriation decisions) both before administration authorities and before administrative courts (the Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court),
  • return of expropriated real estate, and in particular the implementation of the rights of former owners or their heirs, vested in the Act on real estate management of August 21, 1997.


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